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Kids Book Review: The Salamander Room

okay hi my name is Eva I'm 17 years oldnine and seventh grade I love readingand I'm here to share with you a picturebook it is called the salamander room byAnne maserillustrated by Steve Johnson eluphantventure here's the cover I like I likethe pictures it is about a boy namedBrian who finds a salamander and thenchanges his whole entire rooms that thesalamander can be happy here's here'sthe starting picture again of angeasroom transforms from a normal room likemy room to see to that he like he addsother animals that the salamander can behappy he makes sure that the otheranimals are happy too and it's a verygood book um I think the mother istelling the story most the time okay andthat's the mother and that's the boy theboy talks and the mother talks like themothers asking him stuff and the boysexplaining what he's doing oh there'sthe salamander that he really wanted andit's a pretty nice book um I like thisbook cuz I like books world theydescribe everything that's happeningthis book fits that one descriptionthere's other descriptions short likefancy no it's not fancy it's aboutnature yeah it's fancyit's natural okayum I think it's who would like this ourkids who like nature who like meetingpicture books or who like reading bookswith a whole bunch of pictures in thereyeah and he explains everything you werehe's doing like at the end the mothersays where will you sleep I will sleepon a bed under the moon under the starswith the moon shining through the greenleaves of the trees that's part of it umand I like this book I hope you havetime to read it sometime soon um and itwas very nice talking for you today Ihope I can see you again bye

Eva reviews the picture book “The Salamander Room” – a great science-at-home starter book. ❤️

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