[Music]hello everyone and welcome back to ourchannel if you're new and viewing forthe first time we would like to welcomeyou we would love it if you would becomea part of the elegance family we wouldlove it if you would hit that subscribebutton to your right and make sure toturn on your post notification so thatyou will be notified every time we posta new video today's video we are makinghome decor for springtime if this is aproject you think you may be interestedin making just continue to keep watchingfirst project you will need 1 glass vaseof your choice two types of crushedglass Mod Podge a paintbrush and arubber band all materials will be linkedin the description bar below this video[Music]make sure you saturate your vase withplenty of Mod Podge because when you getready to put your crushed glass onto thebase you want it to adhere and alsolater on in the video you will see howwe do apply the bigger crushed glass andwe do apply that with the glue gun youdo want to apply two coats of thecrushed glass the second coat we doapply off-camera just for time sake butwe will come back and show you how toput the bigger crushed glass on with theglue gun before you apply the secondcoat of crushed glass you do want togive it about 15 minutes to dry just togive it enough time to adhere to thevase then you want to apply more ModPodge and then you're going to applymore crushed glass[Music][Music][Music]now that we have applied the second coatof fresh glass and we've let it set for15 minutes so that it can adhere to thesurface so we're now putting the biggercrushed glass on with a glue gun theglue gun makes sure that the crushedglass stays in place and that it doesnot slide you want to complete thisprocess until it's fully covered in thelarger size crush glass[Music][Music][Music]as stated before you want to completethis process until it's fully covered inthe largest size crushed glass this partis optional you can keep your vase plainif you choose to we just wanted to showyou how the vase would look with sometype of rolls or flower inside[Music][Music]for the second project you will need oneglass fishbowl two types of glitter onebeam jumbo Mod Podge a bunch of rosesand glass stones make sure you mix yourglass stones and your glitter very wellbefore applying it onto your fishbowl[Music]this project is pretty much explanatoryso make sure that you're just saturatesyour fishbowl and also you do two coatson your fishbowl and make sure you leaveabout 15 minutes in between for dry timebefore applying another coat to thefishbowl[Music][Music]for time sake we did finish the secondcolor off-camerathird project you will need a tiny glassvase of your choice a paintbrush ModPodge two types of glitter one beingjumbo eye stones and glass beads now theglass bees are optional you don't haveto have them if you don't choose tothat's perfectly fine but we did put theglass beads at the end so just in caseyou want to put some that's a anotheroption that's available to youso this does complete our tutorial fortoday if you like this tutorial pleasegive us a thumbs up and if you haven'tsubscribed to our channel please do soat this time so you can receive allnotifications every time we post a newvideo until next time may God bless youand keep you and we will see you in ournext video bye[Music]

Hello everyone! We are making 3 Spring decor ideas for your home, office, or glam room. This project is versatile and can be used whatever way you desire. All 3 project are quick, easy and inexpensive to make.

* This video below shows you how to apply both types of crushed glass to get that glam and bling look


Project 1:

Glass vase about 14inches high

2 packs of crushed glass * 1 Regular pack of whitish/silver pack 1Pack of tanish crushed glass the stones are a little bigger in the light tan pack: Michael’s 60%off clearence

Mod podge: JoAnn’s 60%off AC Moore online coupon code

4 big roses: Walmart

Project 2:

Glass fish bowl: Target

2 Types of glitter: jumbo glitter regular glitter: Target for the glitter JoAnn’s 60% off for the round jumbo white colorful glitter

Glass stones: Hobby Lobby 50%off promotion week by Blank Slate

Mod Podge: Joann’s 60%off AC Moore online coupon code

Bunch of roses: Michael’s 50%off promotion sale

Project 3:

Glass skinny fish bowl: Dollar Tree

Bunch of roses: Michael’s 50%off promotion sale

2 glitters: Target and JoAnn’s 60%off AC Moore online coupon code * the same exact glitter as used in project 2

Mod Podge: Joann’s 60%off AC Moore online coupon code


Glass beads: Michael’s 60%off AC Moore online coupon code

Music: Kevin MacLeod
Music: Purple planet music

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