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Houseplant Tour 2018 – Living Room

Sit back and relax! It’s time for another Houseplant Tour! This time I’ll show you the plants in my living room and there are quite a few of them! But be aware, at some point I might even sing about my love for plants.

I’ve already made videos about some of the plants that show up in the video and here I’d like to link to them:
Alocasia Stingray care video (with English subs):
Repotting my Pelargonium:
Propagating the Pelargonium:
Mealy bugs on my Jadeplant:
Philodendron hastatum care video (with English subs):
Propagating Sedum burrito:
Propagating Epipremnum:
Zamioculcas Raven care video (with English subs):

🌿 This is an English spoken video, but a lot of the other videos have English subtitles! So feel free to browse the other videos (and let me know in the comments which video you’d like to see translated!)

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