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Houseplant Tour 2018 – Living Room

hi everyone this is iris for MamaBotanica and I would love to show yousome more of my plants I did a hospitalvideo before and then I showed plantsthat are growing in my bedroom and thistime I wanted to show the Panzer growingin my living room so I'm doing thisvideo in English so some more people cansee the plants are growing in my housebut don't worry if you like the Dutchones better my other video is stillliving room is situated on the east sideof the house so we have a little bit ofdirect sunlight coming in in themornings and after that it's mostlyindirect lights we live pretty high upand there is no other buildings blockingthe windows so we have quite a lot oflights here for an student apartment solet me show you what I am growing herethis is more of a dark corner of theroom I have a home and a manor growinghere and I just love this plans when Igot it it was really tiny and it grew sofast that I gave it a really big pot andnow it's just huge and the leaves arebeautiful I love the color it is such aneasy plant it's not fussy about anythingat all it doesn't give me Brown edges onthe leaves or anything like that it evengave me flowers this year and I knowit's better to take the flowers offbecause then the plant gives its energyto the leaves and not to the flowers butI kept them on for a long time becausethey were really pretty and here also inthe darkest corner is this really coolplant it's really like neon yellowalmost and it's growing well it'sleaning very much towards the lightbecause it might prefer a bit brighterspots so here I have my philodendronxanadu it's not super super happy at themoment it got infested with dripsthen I used a spray which leaves like alayer on the leaf and I think that iswhy the leaves are a bit brownishyellowish right now the new leaves arelooking really fine so I think you willrecover just well here in the back is mysystem de belem work see I really lovethis plant it stays really low so itdoesn't get higher than this but it doesget fuller than this and a few monthsago I split the plant in two because itwas getting too big but it's alreadybeginning to be again because it'sgrowing really fast I also have thisleaf of a hoe yeah it will probably staylike this forever because when Ireported it I was searching for its stemand it doesn't have a stun so it's onlythe leaf but I like it anyway right hereI have smoked ounces and that is well itlooks a bit like a succulent plant butit isn't it's actually more of atropical plant which can do really wellin the closed terrariums the red colorwould pop up a bit more if it would havemore lights so that's why it's a bitmore green at the moment and one of myreally pride and Joy's is this jewelorchids I just love the velvety darkyuse with the pinkish veins right nowit's starting to flower again it is abit of a sensitive plant so I I haveknocked off branches on more than oneoccasion so be a bit careful if youtransfer if you put it in a differentplace or a few repot it's so here I havetwo hanging planters which I reallyreally love I got them as a gift frombotany folk and I just love the way theylook here I have planted a small monsterat and Sony and I wanted to grow on themon the rope I have some small feet Oniasand asparagus which will start to hangif it gets a bit older and some certainskin lapses and in a low one I haveanother asparagus and a locationamazonica which is actually doing quitewell this plant is a really hard phonefor me as usually dies really fast thisone I got is a really small plant andit's still alive so yeah I'm happy andnext week I have a bigger krypton toothand somewhere space where I still needto put some new plants and let me knowif you have any suggestions my my ramzaand what I love about this plant is thatit's a hanging plant so usually they getsold quite small and their uprights butwhen it gets bigger it will start tohang down the pot so I have it in thisbeautiful hanger so it's growing reallyfast it's growing faster than I imaginedit would it does get a little bit ofdirect sunlight and usually does betterin only indirect light but the directSun right now it's autumn winter time soit's not so harsh this one can also openand close its leaves during day andnight time so the plant can move yes andnext to that it gives these really nicetiny flowers so this tropical cactus isnot super happy at the moment I think Iunderwater turbit so all the edges ofthe leaves are brown and but I hope shewill recover from it right here I have anice little plant corner as well so thisis my single Neum and when I was inThailand I really loved his plant I wasgrowing everywhere and then I reallywanted to bring it home with me but whenI got home I found it somewhere in thestore and realized that they'reeverywhere so I got one he's growingquite well not super well it always hasa few of these leaves that are turningyellow or turning brown and fall off atsome point and if it gets bigger it wasalso start to find a bit more right nowit's still a bit compact so this is acutting of my citrus plant I had to cutmy mother plant because it was gettingway too big and I madeabout it one about how to cut it andreplant it and one about how topropagate it so check it out if you wantto know more about itthis cut is doing quite well it was likethree times as high then I cut it downso the plant will start to make morebranches and you can see the new branchis starting to pop out already my Lacacia stingray I just love thebeautiful leaves the weight grows it'salso more strong allocation than othersI have had so we really like it this ismy jade plant my casa la ofertaI got a disguting from my dad this lookat mealybugs this year so I cut it waydown again I will link the video downbelow and so I had to cut it back andnow it's growing new leaves again whichis very nice a sense of year yeah ofcourseI love since of areas there are superplans they can survive anything and theylook beautiful Census Bureau Metallicathis is my philodendron hast Adam it'sstill growing really well I still needto report it and I also want to make amaker like a must pole for it so it cangrow on that a little bit better butthat's probably project for next year sothis is my windowsill is not very whitebut I have quite a few cacti andsucculents here because they love thelight of course first of all is in 4b Iwish I really really love it's just abeautiful variegated color it hasn'tgrown a lot this year but hopefully nextyear next to it is my serious big HollisI have a small one and then I saw thisreally big one and I just fell in lovewith it and now it's here so I only havefor like a month I think and so yeah howmuch do cacti grow in a monthnot so much next to it is to say it inburrito one of my favorite tiny plantsI've had it first so long already andit's getting enough light heresee the leaves are very complex there'snot so much space in between the leavesand that was different at some otherpoint in time you can always cut themback and let them regrow and here I havean open Chia cactusit's probably I've probably didn't giveit enough water that's why it's lookingso wellparched this l4b ax is really nice itdoesn't grow really fast but it canshoot out the seeds and you can hearthem pop and then here I'm rolling overthe floor in your house I have a littlecactus project here it's a cactus onwater so I got these really nice saucersmade by sprouts they have a hole in thebottom so you can like pop you'recutting through them or a cacti like Idid here I just removed all the soilfrom the roots and pops it in water justto see what would happen and it's stillvery happy my la vía cactus is mycolleagues that the willness liked tocall it and I just love the reallystrange shapes of these cactus and it'slooking beautifulsome nice cacti over here I really lovealso this puntilla weird one this isanother project it was my own iam youcan see it here how it used to look itwas really beautiful but it also gotinfected a bit thrips and dropped all ofits leaves and looking really sad so atsome point I just cut everything off andnow I'm waiting to see if something willregrow or not there's also a few of theleaves of the Satan burrito that fell inthis pot and started to grow thereso I like that little bit ofcohabitation they're really weirdspecial plant yet klaapa and it growsbeautiful leaves and has really niceflowers and the stem is just a reallybig whoop and it's just like a reallycool plant and this is one of the plantsthat can go dormant and can drop all ofits leaves if it does that just keep iton the dry side and if you can see newgrowth you cangive more water and this is an oldeuphorbia I got from a friend it's justgrowing well and this is a new plans Igot and I maiyajust look at this flower I mean it'scrazy it's purple and pink and white andjust imagine you find this while youwalk in in the jungle and you see thisgrowing you're like that's a plantainlike I don't know what kind of drug sheneeds to to do this but it's intense youknow and the leaves have these reallysharp points as well so it's alsodangerous plant just watch out righthere I have another since virya andthey're easy they're good and next to itis a bigger monster ed and Soni I'mthinking of letting this one grow on maspool but I haven't had a time for thatyetso it's growing really long vines andit's just sort of hanging there it hassome struggles for a bit so it's a bitbrown on the edges are some nice butthey're newly's look really beautifuland healthy again and my variegatedmonstera cuttings well they can lookbetter I think but they're doing okay soI can see some new growth appearing somenew leaves as well but the leaves arenot so big they're small they don't haveany holes and so I think it needs morelights and I'll try to get a new spotfor it it can get some more lights andmore beautiful new growth another atomSony I do have growing on a mouthful sowhat happens if you let them grow up onsomething the leaves usually start toget much bigger and the plant will growfaster as well as long as it's hangingdown it's sort of searching for a treeto grow up so they grow slow and theystay small until they find that spot andthen they go up and this is my ficuselastic cam which was really big and Icut it all the way down this year it waslike three times as high and then Icaught it because it was getting too bigand I cut it right over hereand you can see new branches popping uphere and here so what happens if you cutthem usually the plant will shoot outwith more branches so where you will geta fuller plant when I got this plant thecolumn near it was really looking sobeautiful and I was so happy with it andat first it was hanging hanging in mybedroom and it was doing really well butit got too long and I had to put it in adifferent place and over here she's notsuper happy some of the leaves aredropping but I hope she will recover andlike this spot as well and this is mymarble Queen my marvellous marble Queenshe's growing so well the pot is stillquite small but she wasn't an evensmaller pot and part of it is growingdown is hanging down and part of it isgrowing up I'm signing tahini Moscow Imade and I can see that the part it isgrowing up is growing faster than thepart that is hanging down you can alwaysshorten it if it gets too long andpropagates the plants as well I made avideo on that which is down below thisArab Konya species the begonia CatalinaJulia I just loved the sixth M it growsand then the leaves that look likelittle palm trees so the plant in itselflooks like a tiny forest of palm treesreminding me after jungle and beachesand tropical places I gave this Galateaanother go I had one years ago whichdied on me and now I wanted to try itagain for now she's doing really well soI'm happy and I can't wait to see how itwill develop I hope she won't die on methis little brown poop is a recipe Ericait's just dry and brown all the timeuntil you put it in water and then itwill unravel unfold and or smell reallynice of a forest and when you let it dryagain it will just roll up again this ismyit was much bigger than it is right nowbut she got in way a bit so I caught herback it's a really fast grower and itjust such a nice plantI really recommend anyone because I loveitand last but not least my black Sammy ohcool cos and I just loved this planbecause it's so different than any otherplant I have when the new leaves come upthey are bright green and then they turninto dark black as you can see righthere and of course the Samia cookus theZZ plant is very easy in care as long asyou don't overwater it so I hope youlike this tour of the plants I havegrowing here in my living room I linksome videos in the text if you want tolearn more about the certain plant and Ihave a video on it then go look some ofthe videos also have English subtitlesso you can also understand what I'msaying if you're not touch so I hopethis inspired you to make me get somemore plants in your house or at leasttake good care of the ones you have andif you want to learn more about plantsyou can follow me on instagram I putpictures of the plants in my house andalso in YouTube or Facebook to get newvideos so this was it for today thankyou for watching I have to see you againbye[Music]

Sit back and relax! It’s time for another Houseplant Tour! This time I’ll show you the plants in my living room and there are quite a few of them! But be aware, at some point I might even sing about my love for plants.

I’ve already made videos about some of the plants that show up in the video and here I’d like to link to them:
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🌿 This is an English spoken video, but a lot of the other videos have English subtitles! So feel free to browse the other videos (and let me know in the comments which video you’d like to see translated!)

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