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HOME STAGING: Behind the scenes

hi we're here in Red Mountain MesaArizona gonna saved a house today we'resuper excited my house has great bonesgreat painted great features and all weneed to do is give it some life so thisis our family room it's a reallybeautiful room but there was a couple ofchallenges that we had to address sothat's why we put a huge mirror thereand that is kind of an example of whereyou would put a huge screen TV so thatyou can see it from all angles no matterwhere you're sitting in the room you canstill see the a large screen TV thatwould go on that adjacent wall there wehave the built in there that wasoriginally for the TV but what we did iswe just added a couple of storage binsso there's that could be more seating ifthey had people over and you could seethat you could have more saving in herewe don't have carpeting in here so whatare the things that I always do is addlike a little bit of texture andfluffiness and softness always make arooms warmer and a little bit less coldthe other thing that we wanted to do iswe wanted to plant the fireplace alittle bit but not overwhelm it with aton of decor so the second issue that wehave is with the dining room it's prettytight in there and so we need to showthat it can it can fit six people atleast so there's a couple of tricks withthat one is we're gonna put an area rugdown there we've got all this beautifultile and I know a lot of people don'tlike to cover it up but that really kindof helps vignette different rooms andand make it a little bit more intimateand warm so a couple of things that wedid with the dining roomis we added just the one pop of colorwhich is the yellow that's kind of themethroughout and then I was able to findthese little light yellow pumpkins thatkind of gave it a little bit of aharvest fall feeling because we're nowgoing into the fall so just a little bitof a touch there and I think it adds agreat detail and super you know supercute so the living room the one thingthat we wanted to do is to make this aseparate vignette its own room and thenone of the reasons we do that is becausewe've got an attached dining room hereso we want it to separate rooms so oneof the ways we do that is we add acarpet and we add the carpet - vignettethis room and it now looks like it's ownseparate room one of the other thingsthat we do is we added some texture tothe we've got the monochromatic veryneutral living room set but we wanted toadd some interest by adding somedifferent textures so we added theleather and then the chevron pattern funcontemporary pillow here and then we'vegot a little bit of Lacey so we've got alot of different things going on hereand but together it makes it feel notonly intimate and warm which you wantyour living room to feel but it also hasa little bit of elegance and and alittle bit of chic we have a reallygreat master bedroom it's a really nicesize and it also has a feature that alot of master bedrooms don't it's gotkind of a little alcove little seatingarea so we really wanted to kind of playthat up and the other thing that wewanted to do is we wanted to make it socozy that a potential buyer can seethemselves having coffee looking at theviews out this little cove here and sowe put a couple of seats in there sothat you know they can enjoy that theother thing we've done is the room isreally light and bright so we wanted tocontrast and give a little depth to theroom so I used dark furniture a darkwood furniture in here then everythingelse is like so this is this is the homeoffice right off of the entry so it'sreally important that this look reallynice and neat the other thing that Iwant to also keep in mind when I'm doingthe Home Office is I want to kind ofkeep it gender-neutral because I don'tknow if it's if it's the man of thehouse it's gonna have this as his officeor the female of the house and so I tryto incorporate some bits of masculinityas well as a little bit of femininity aswith the pillows and a little bit moreof the decor so we've got a reallybeautiful kitchen here with somehigh-end materials a glass backsplashand then we've got some granitecountertops and everything stainlesssteel so that is what buyers are reallylooking for but what we need to do is weneed to warm it up and make them one seethemselves in here being able to cookand so I use a lot of fruits I've usedsome pears I've used some apples and ofcourse these are both fruit and then theother decor I usually use amonochromatic escape so like I use thewhite Apple the white artichoke and thenthe white tens hair and of course Ialways try to put a cookbook and open itto a really delicious meal so that itcan you know entice buyers oh I want tocook this in this kitchen and so it'sit's just another additive that we putin the kitchen to make it feel reallyhomey so we want a potential buyer tocome inand just have the home be irresistibleand fall in love with it and the way youto do that is we need to vignette thehouse and make the rooms look reallywarm and inviting as well as beautifulCelica comes dating

A glimpse into home staging with SELL IT QUICK HOME STAGING…Go behind the behind the scenes and see how it all comes together!

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