Guest Bedroom Ideas | Tour & Organization

Hello friends! Giving you a tour of my guest bedroom and showing you how I have organized this space. I recently redecorated our guest bedroom and my aim was to achieve a cozy and welcoming feel for my guests. The Closet is attached to the bathroom which I will show you in the Guest Bathroom Organization video. Hope you enjoy and get some ideas and inspiration. Thank you for watching and supporting what I love to do.

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Throw Blanket thats on bed:
Over the door mirror is from Bed, Bath & Beyond (x3 price at Amazon so didnt include the amazon link)
Lamps and wall art are from Ross

What I use to film:

Tripod (other option):
Softbox Light Kit:
Reflector Umbrella:
Reference Reflector:
Memory Card:

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Pantry Organization:
Kitchen Organization:
Fridge Organization Tips:

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