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Glitter Living Room Coloring and Drawing | Learn Colors for Kids, Toddlers | Magic Fingers Art

Hello guys! Welcome to Magic Fingers Art. Enjoy glitter living room coloring and drawing for kids and for toddlers.
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In this video I’m going to draw a colorful living room. First I’m drawing a sofa. And here is a cute cat. I’m drawing a plant. It stands on a coffee table. Here is a armchair, and a lamp. Now I’m drawing the curtains and a window. We have the cat’s portrait in here. The cat is awake now! And it’s going to watch the coloring. Look, how the cat looks around! It’s so cute! Our cat is yellow. I’m painting the sofa with orange. Coffee table is green. I’m painting the armchair with blue. The lamp is purple. And curtains are pink. Let’s paint the walls with cream. And the ground with pink. Ta-dah! This living room is so colorful. And now, it’s glitter time! I put orange, green, blue, purple, red, yellow glitter. The cat looks funny with glitter. Wow! What a shiny colorful living room. The cat loves this living room so much. Goodbye little kitty…

We made coloring pages with lots of fun and magic for kids. Learn colors for kids, for children and for toddlers.

Magic Fingers Art channel is completely safe for kids, for toddlers and for babies. Only contains educational content in videos.

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