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hi everyone and welcome back I'm sureguys are doing great and thank you somuch for tuning in today so today'svideo is in collaboration with thebeautiful and amazing Keisha J she hasamazing content on her channel she has alot of home decorating videos haulvideos DIY videos cleaning videos hairvideos cooking videos I mean you wouldnot get bored checking her out so pleasemake sure that you check her out afterwatching this video so today's video isgoing to be my very first real tourvideo I am really really excited aboutthis because it's the first one I'mgoing to show you guys a picture of thebefore when we first moved in and I alsoshow you guys a picture of thetransition period so anyway let's goahead and get started[Music]so I'm gonna start with this area righthere who's been with me since last yearat least you'll remember this DIY meritthat I did it's right here in my diningroom and then what I did is I made amatching table with the same design andis what I have up there I added mydesigns here at the bottom and then onthe side to match my mirror and it'sreally really beautiful so this servesas like a bar cart because I don't havea bar cart in here on top I have my twoapothecary jars on both sides theapothecary jar came from Ross and what Ihave inside also came from Ross and thetwo candles that I have burning herefrom a company called pearls and laceand they smelled really really goody'all she's giving us some discount onthem so if you would like to purchasethem I would leave a link to her websitedown in the description so in the middlehere I have this fan that I got fromRoss like probably 80% of my stuff werefrom Ross and this little like it'ssupposed to be like a chandelier thatyou can hang but I took the links offand I turned this into like a little orband I put that in there I do not have acandle or LED you can do in there butthat's the plan and at the bottom herethe first item here is the pineappleseykora that i also picked up from Rossand then I have my two decanter rightthere these were from pear one they hadearly this year they had a 50% off theirsilverware and they're being aware andstuff like that so I got that for $20each and then I have this little trayright here that I also got from Ross andI just put like a lazy susan underneathof that and then I have like my extraglassware here right there I have likemy little ice bucket and that cover ontop I made it like a couple years agofrom a DIY and I use that over that andover here I have this little sugarcontainer this is part of my tea andcoffee collection and then I have mybeautiful mirrored clock this moreclock was also a DIY I love it it goesreally well with my space and then hereis my dining table I love love thisdining table it is beautiful I got thisfrom Value City I know that they don'thave a valley city like in all of spacebut they do have it in the DMV areawhich is the area that I am so it doeshave like this little mirrored pedalstool here at the bottom and it's justso pretty and I didn't get the matchinghit chairs to the table because I didn'twant that for matchy-matchy look so Idecided to get my table of my chairsfrom wait there I knew that I wanted thetufted look I knew that I wanted thenailhead trim I knew that I wanted thepool so that was what I went for a kingto nap a cup and it was about 284 - thatwas a great deal to me because you knowthis hair but go for in the high-endstores you're talking about 350 perchair so this was a great buy for me soI got four of the ivory and then thisparticular blue is a different brand butit's also from Wayfarer the blue that Iwanted was this here but you know itlooked different on the website so whenI got it I wasn't really like happy withthe color but you know I didn't want tohave to go through the return process soI kept it so this I have on this side italso has like the tufted look the pullnail head trim I have one on this endand one on the other end and coming overhere I have my sideboard this is thematching sideboard to my table and it isreally really beautifulI do store some stuff in here I couldshow you guys what I have in here so inthe first one here Ihave just some extra place that I'vegotten this place off from the DollarTree and this one's were from Crate andBarrel they had a clearance afterChristmas and I think they still have iton clearance if you're interested and Ijust have this here this is what I usedfor Valentine's Day it's just thislittle heart-shapedplate that I got from TJ Maxx I have myextra napkins here and this pictures Iuse for main placement if you do have todo like a large party and I wanteveryone to have an assigned seat andthen I have some extra decor items inthe back and at the bottom I just havelike my clear do you know where that Iuse I think they're in the summertimeand then the top here I just have someextra utensils that I got from Walmartand the second drawer here oh I don'tknow if I showed this but this is reallynice like it has like little holders foryour e10 so I thought that was reallypretty seconds you are here I have likesome little Dollar Tree drawer organizerhere just to kind of help keepeverything in place I have a lot of likenapkin rings in here that I've got fromtotally dazzle they have some beautifulitems to definitely go check them out ifyou haven't I'll leave a link to theirwebsite down in the description box andI always get this mirror candle holderevery time I see it at the Dollar Tree Iuse them as coasters on my table and thenext door has my candle holders I have ahabit of collecting like Dollar Treecandle holders so this is the door thatI try to keep like my overflow of theones that I'm currently like in lovewith here I like the most current onesbut in the balloon they're really reallypretty I have some gold oneshere and these were like from like acouple years ago but I still have thembecause I use them depending on theseason and then I have this here that Iuse sometimes new Valentine's Day and atthe bottom here I just have extrastorage of like things that like lastyear had got no a lot of this likepumpkin velvet pumpkins from the DollarTree they're so pretty for a dollar thenI have this little angels and I also gotfrom the Dollar Tree and I spray paintedthem gold I use them as part of like mytable scape sometimes and then here Ijust have some extra washi tape that Istore in this Dollar Tree containers andfor the second big storage space here Ijust have some items that I use overtime these are from Ross and they'rereally pretty and then I have my littlelazy susan and then that lantern camefrom five and below by a couple yearsago and down here have some of my extrapineapple the core stuff some candlesticks here I just store them here thisI make like gosh should be like almostthree years now and I still use it andat the bottom I just store like extrastuff some of my shadow boxes because Ihave like this like obsession withshadow boxes I store them here whenthey're not in seasonthis lamp was courtesy of a gift cardthat was sent to me by Ross Thank YouRoth and I was able to get two of theseso they do fit my space perfectlybecause they have that antique mirrorlook to it so it goes really well withmy table so beside a sideboard I havethis chair here that I had from myprevious dining table space this is fromTJ Maxx it's really really beautiful itgoes really well with the space and thenI just put this pillow that I got fromBurlington about a month ago on thereand then I have the second one on thatside so on this side of the wall I havethis three beautiful wall art that Imade last year it really goes well withmy gold and blue theme so I left it inhere if you want to see how this wasmadeI'll live a link to the video down foryou and this box here is supposed to belike a jury holder so I just kind of putit in here as at the core apiece andthen this also came from Ross this camefrom lost - and then I have my beautifulmirror here I gotten this from homegoods I think it was about a coupleyears ago or three or four years agothis is one of the very first piece thatI got for the space and at the time thatI got it was like 80 bucks y'all this isa beautiful like I love it I still lovethis mirror and the curtain was theinspiration for this room my curtainscame from Wayfarer I get a lot ofquestions about this curtain it camefrom Wayfarer and about three maybe fouryears ago that I got the curtain andthis was the inspiration for the roomand it really kind of made everythingcome together so I love it so I'm gonnashare my table escape with you guys so Istarted off with this beautiful bigbeaded placement I was looking for ablue like navy blueish placemat but Icouldn't find any that was affordable sowhen I found this on Amazon I knew thatI had to have it so this came fromAmazon is really really pretty and thenI have my charger plate this also camefrom Amazon it was really popular likelast year because it's like a V Galeriedupe so a lot of people have this Ithink the gold really goes well with myspace instead of silver so I'm kind oflike mixing metal and I love the look oflike mixing like the silver and the goldso this came from Amazon's and I havesix of them and then I have my dinnerplate this is from the Dollar Tree y'allDollar Tree pays out of above a lot ofmy dinner plates are from the DollarTree and they're of good quality and weuse them every day so I knew that Iwanted something from there because Iknew the quality was really good so thisis from the Dollar Tree and it's the onethat has like the gold trim so it reallygoes well with the space so I think Igot it in a box of 12 but I'm only usingthe six I have some extra and then Ihave my salad plate the salad plate camefrom Crate and Barrel they had it onClara's after Christmas clearance Ithink they still have it on theirwebsite but I just lovedMetallica look of the plate I also gotin silver because I do plan on switchingout the gold later on so I have mydollar tree candle holder here it'sbeautiful it goes well with the color ofmy golden of balloons so I have thatright on top of my salad plate and thenI have my napkin ring here that's fromAmazon and I DIY did it by adding thiscrystal chandelier drop just to kind ofadd a little bit more pizzazz to it andas you can see it just kind of elevatesthe look of my napkin rings and I alsohave my napkins the napkin came fromAmazon also and then I try to copyKeisha's like folding technique I don'tthink it's as beautiful as hers but Istill did my little thing with it sowe'll have you know what you guys thinkabout this place setting arrangement Ithink it turned out really well and thenmy utensils are from Walmart they'rereally pretty y'all like you would notknow that this is from Walmart it'sreally really beautiful so for my wineglasses I got some from Ross when theyhad that whole jewel collection going onlast year but I could only get half ofthem abroad but I did get the otherthree from pear one when they had the50% of glassware so it was likehalf-price for me for my centerpiece Iam using a lantern on the left and onthe right this lanterns came fromWalmart my got it like late last yearwhen they had it on clearance it wasabout $12 and I di wanted to make it myown - all I did was I added this totallydazzle brooch on the front and I alsoadded this chandelier drop in the middlehere just to kind of add my own littletwist to it and I love the way it flowswith the frame it's really pretty and Ihave an LED candle in there you wouldnot believe that this was $12 okay andthen for the centerpiece right here Ihad this beautiful oh my gosh let mezoom in so you guys can see how prettythis is[Music]you see that this is a gorgeous ifyou're a glam girl it will be reallyhard to resist this I found this at aRoss like in Virginia but they do havesomething similar on Amazon if you'reinterested I can find that for youand leave you a link to that in thedescription box and then I also have arogue this rug is from Ross it was 1999it's a rug let me turn it around so youcan see so that hair is a rug from Rossreally pretty and soft I'm using that asa table runner and it worked it worksreally well as a table runner I mean $20verse is going to pay so much more for atable runner I'll be this big so this isreally beautiful I forgot to mentionfrom my table I did add one leaf you cansee the separation of the leaf righthere so I added one leaf here to extendthe table but it did come with twoleaves you can extend it even furtherbut my space would not allow me to dothat so I only added one leaf whichstill gives me more than enough room tosit six people this works out prettywell and my chandelier I got thechandelier off of Wayfair about threeyears ago this was maybe three or fouryears ago it was one of my firstpurchase for this room with the curtainsthis came from Wayfarer and it was abouta hundred and seventy nine dollars whenI purchased it I did change up somethings with the chandelier so when itcame let me get closer so you guys cansee so when the chandelier came it camewith all of these kind of crystals sowhat I did was I took all of that outand I added the big balls I really lovethe balls because I feel like they'rejust more elegant the length of thecrystal or you call it rope it wasshorter it was maybe about three so Iadded more to it so I made it six so itcan be longer I think it's reallybeautiful and it just goes really wellwith my space so over here I have thewall art that I got from Ross it haslike different shades of blue and I hadit where I had the DIY mirror before butthen I moved it over here and I thinkit's a perfect fit and this vase alsowas from Ross I think I've got it aboutfour years ago it was in my entryway andthen I decided to move it here and thego sticks here is from pair one so Ijust put it into this vase and I thinkit goes really well over there and thevase is sitting on top of this likeOttoman / table from Farah from inspiredme home decor this is one of my recentpurchase from her and you can flip itaround to make it a table or you canturn it back into an ottoman and you canalso use that ottoman as storage and ofcourse additional seating here in mydining room so I love this piece so thisis right in the corner and it goesreally well in the space let me moveback so you guys can see how nice thatlooks over there oh yes and the rug myarea rug is from Wayfarer of course Ilove like wayfarers customer service I'mnot really sure who made it but it's a 7by 9 so it's pretty big because I wantedto I wanted it to cover a good amount ofthe flooring because I don't want toomuch of the rug underneath showing sothis worked out pretty well and itmatches my curtains like really reallywell so I'm really happy about that theother thing that I really want to changein the space of course has taken out therug and getting like a laminate or likea hardwood floor which we did changeeverything else in the house except forthis space and my home own living roomspace are saving to us everything so Ithink that would be like our next littlelike project but for everything else I'mreally happy with the way that it is Ihope you guys enjoyed coming on thistour with me please like this videocomment down below and let me know whatyou guys think I have a lot more roomtourists coming for you guys this yearalright guys have a wonderful week andtake care of god bless you bye bye

Hi guys!! Today’s video is a collab with my friend Keshia J! We will be sharing our glam dining room space! Mine was inspired by a high-end designer but for a whole lot less. I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you want to see more room tours! Please like, comment, share and subscribe!!

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