Deep Clean & Declutter With Me!| Master Bathroom | Organization, & Storage Ideas 2019!

hi guys its back at the carriage house and welcome back to another video orwelcome if you are new here and if you are stopping by for the first time we'reso glad you're here this channel is all about enriching the hearth and home soalright so we have big plans today we are going to get into my master bathroomand we are going to declutter it deep clean it to reorganize it and I thoughtit'd be fun to take you guys along with me that way kind of give you guys somemotivation to if you're kind of looking to do the same thing I have neglected itjust because my husband and I are kind of planning to renovate it just get somemaybe some new cabinets and update the flooring a little a little bit so that'swhy I just kind of pushed it aside but I I just want to go in there and justbring it back to life kind of make do without with what I have I am gonna getsome a couple new storage baskets and bins and everything but just kind ofspice it up and just get it all clean and it's just gonna feel so good to getall that done and then it'll be all ready for me to go in and add some somefarmhouse flare to it so I'm gonna kind of decorate a little bit and just kindof like I said just bring it to life but that will be another video that videowill be posted Wednesday night at some time now if you are watching this videoa little bit later then I will link it up above and it'll be all that in thedescription box below at the end of the video and everything okay so I'm goingto go ahead and show you guys what it looks like now and then we'll go aheadand start cleaning up so this is what it looks like right now which is actuallynot all that bad I try to stay humble and appreciative of the things I do havebut I'm just in that kind of mood to just make it all homey and I need tofind a home for all the products that I use here shower curtain EADS to bewashed and my closet it just it just needs to be better organized just needsa good cleanse and detox so to speak so I think I'm gonna do this cause at firstand then just kind of go with the flow but before I start detoxing my bathroomI'm gonna try and do the same with myself throughout the day whether I'mcleaning or not I had to make sure I stay well hydrated otherwisejust get really lethargic but I have this big mason jar with lots of freshice water I love to add a splash of fresh lime and my water you guys need totry this it's so good for your skin it helps boost metabolism it helps lowerblood sugar it's just great for so many things when you do it on a regular basisand before I start cleaning my closet I'm gonna spray this DIY bathtub cleaneron my shower sink and toilet that way you can sit for a while I won't have todo so much scrubbing later but for this cleanser all I did was mix 12 ounces ofDawn dish soap 12 ounces of vinegar that has been heated that way if you heat itup that it will help it bond with the soap and then just give it a good shakeand that it that's it it just works so well now I'm just gonna begin takingevery single thing out of this closet I have a box here to put everything in andI'll just sort all that out later and then I'm gonna just get this wholecloset cleangive breadis isI'm also using a DIY all-purpose cleaner and oh my gosh you will never see glassget so clean you guys all it is is one cup of hydrogen peroxide with about oneand a half cups of water just give it a good shake and that is all you have todo you have to try this but I will be using this for everything in thisbathroom other than the bathtub toilet and sinkokay so now I'm ready to go through all these bottles and just everything thatwas in that closet and I have a trash bag handy here for trash or I'm justgonna set aside anything that I might want to donateI would do anythingyou knowof courseam I supposed to dookay so you might be wondering what I'm doing I'm actually a cosmetologist and Ido my own hair so I have two developers than I'm combining here for lighteningmy hair but I do do I cut my own hair cut my kids hair and my husband's hair Igive them haircuts free for life so to speak but all rightso I'm gonna go ahead and finish doing this okay so this bag is basically trashbut those curlers I think I'm gonna go ahead and put in my donating bin that'sin my closet and these are the new bins I got for everything that's going intothe bathroom closet and I just love that French farmhouse type of look so Ithought these would look nice but this one I'm gonna put toilet paper in thisone right here I was planning to put paper towels in but I think I'm gonnause it as a wastebasket all these other ones I'm just gonna put just themedicine soaps lotions rags all that kind of stuff cleaning products but Idid get everything at Hobby Lobbyit's not aboutthe cold it's just my bad temper what am I supposed to do when the flames goinghigh with my bad patience I hate it always falls on youit's not aboutI don't need nobody else um okay so it took me a while to figure out where toput everything in this closet I know I wanted to leave cleaning and hairproducts and medicines on the higher shelf so my taller doesn't get intothose but it ended up looking like this and my husband removed the door here tothe closet because it's really awkward how it was all set up the two doorswould kind of bang into each other so I put this white curtain in the doorwayhere so I can leave the curtain either closed or tied back okay so onto thesecabinet drawers which are kind of bad there's toothpaste on the sides just formy kids getting in and out of the drawers and but the rest of everythingis not too too bad it just needs a good scrub I'm gonna probably end up throwinga few things away so I'm gonna start getting everything I want to keep out ofthese little bins and I'm actually gonna be throwing away because I've had themfor a really long time and they're starting to break apart so I've got somereally nice spins from the Dollar Tree I'll show you guys in just a minute Iwas really impressed they just seemed very durable and had the little thingson the bottom so they won't slide around in the drawer which is nice and so I'mgonna go do that and then just gonna start cleaning inside of these drawersand cabinetsI don't need nobody else for me eh it doesn't matter what you're gonna sayhey I see time right now I'm gonna I don't need nobody else for me but Icannot over youwhat you did was meaningless what's the point of you goodness I can't asleepwith your eyes on me they burning sorry you know meI need you to push back all those brows of insecurity I want you happysighsmy likeness people have heard of you but no one knows you is secretno eating I can try your heart is hold for theball there's not time to be wastingeither wayOhisyou youMy Luck peoplebut no one knows you the toy canwheresecretso all the drawers are clean inside the cabinet is all finished so now I'm goingto go through everything that was in the cabinet and drawers and just kind ofclean everything off but we're getting close to an end and I'm so excitedyouOhwellOhawayokay so just have vacuumed in to do and then I'm going to clean my bathtubtoilet and then clean the floors baseboards I'm so glad you've stuck withme this long and we are almost finishedto prove wrongokay so it is all done and I am so tired but I cannot tell you how good it feelsto just get all that clean and just back in order and I hope it has motivated youto do the same I know bathrooms are not that fun to clean and don't forget tocheck out my video in we are going to add some really cute farmhouse decor toit and just bring it alive I met my husband's gonna put a fresh coat ofpaint on it I'm going to add some curtains and just all kinds of justthings that I can find either with second-hand stores or some of theseother stores that that are near me beds that's a job don't forget to watch thatvideo so if the video has been done and I will link it up above here otherwiseit will be released this Wednesday so alright so I hope to see you in my nextvideo I will link more videos at the end of this video if you're interested inwatching and watching more so happy Valentine's Day to everybody and I hopeto see you in my next video byehaving Netflix marathon Kenji sighs phonea bunch of food I'll put your favorite music gone all the way baritone

Deep Clean & Declutter With Me!| Master Bathroom | Organization, & Storage Ideas 2019! Letโ€™s have fun and clean our bathrooms!! Hmmm…ok maybe itโ€™s not the funnest thing in the world to do, but it will feel soooo good after you do it! In this video, we will be decluttering, deep cleaning , and reorganizing our master bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this gives you some motivation to do the same!


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