hi guys have your well and welcome backto my channel I am so excited to haveyou here with me joining in anddecorating the rest of my house if youhaven't seen it already I have alreadydone a decorate my Christmas tree videowith me so I will link that below foryou but I decorated all of my Christmastree and I'm so in love with it nowtoday I am going to be decorating therest of my house so that includes theliving room the kitchen the hallway andboth the boys bedrooms I'm not gonna bedoing my bedroom because I've run out ofstuff and basically we moved into abigger property last year and we onlyhad like your decoration we haveattached buy more decorations and I'musing a lot of that stuff now in theboys rooms to make them feel a littlebit more Christmassy this year so I'llprobably end up adding some more bits toour room as and when the month goes onbut I'm going to share with you all thedecorations I'll also be doing a fullChristmas house tour soon as well so youcan see everything and I'll kind of tryand tell you where everything is frombut today I'm just gonna be decoratingas I go but if you want to know whereanything is from just comment it belowand if you want to see how I decoratefor Christmas then just keep watching[Music]let's go outside snow is falling downand every child is having so much funa snowman is twice the size it's me withthe smile it's quirky it's mine butholding hands keep each other warm whilewe stand and watch choir perform and allthe Christmas songs that we love get allthe Christmas songs that we love andthen while we're gonna go inside anddrink our chocolate by the fire thisother one is to spend this day with youlet me give you a Christmas mistletoesbaby with you I don't need any presentsas long as I spend this day with youbeautiful mistletoes baby with you[Music]making plans what we're gonna do I feelso blessed that I can be with you Godknows that I happenedin the 4-yard just wanna hold it closeyou know the stars shining just for youlet's take a walkwe can follow the moment let's overreachplace we could stay maybe it's a bit anddream away then while we're gonna goinside you can't rock lit by the Isaw the one is to spend this day withyou let me give you a Christmas momentwill feel love enjoy it's a beautifulpissing on a mistletoes baby with you Idon't need any presents long as I spendthis day with you it's a beautifulkissing on a mistletoe baby[Music]who[Music]and then while we're gonna go inside anddrink our chocolate bad fur cuz all Iwant is to spend this day with you letme give you my mommy's gonna show yousomething very specialJoanna say close your eyes read a bed aha ha ha mommy got in your bedroomoh no I triedcan you see air anything else Christmasbaby it got all your stuff on it herethe Christmas tree really good yeahdid I hear a Nick on herelook there's polar bears in the otherside that match 0.01 do they match lookI've heard about here yep good matchis it good do you like it[Music]as long as I spent this day with youbeautiful kissing on a mistletoes babyOh make it a Christmas memories I'vebeen working so much latelyI can barely find the time to sleep yesthen my time women around keeping peopleplease but this is my favorite holidayit's a chance to start over new cuz Imissed you so I'm letting go ofeverything but you these are the goodtimes with you baby this year it's gonnabe you and me hang by the fire chillisn't this how it's supposed to bemaking our Christmasand I've been home you closed forgetabout everything else isn't this howit's supposed to be making a Christmasfor me[Music]making our Christmas memories I've beenwrapping presents for yaI've been hanging marbles in the treeand I let my house where Christmas sitesso you should come back home to me andwhen we wake up in the morningI'm gonna play those cameras like youlove will be singing all the melodiesuntil the Sun comes up these are thegood times with you baby this year it'sgonna be you and me hang by the fireisn't this how it is to be making ourChristmas memories oh and I've beenlonging to hold you close forget aboutisn't this how is Philippi making ourChristmas memories making a great sensememoryI guess these having three times if youdon't even care what we doif I send it with you[Music]just your normalit's okay to see you againand again baby this yeah it's just[Music][Music]isn't this how is Philippi making aChristmas memories[Music]wellsometime[Applause][Music]play[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]OhOh[Music][Music]well guys that is it for my decoratewith me pot - I hope you've enjoyedwatching me decorate the rest of myhouse I think I've pretty much decoratedeverywhere that I wanted to decorate andI really really love how it's all turnedout if you did enjoy this video I wouldlove for you to like this video andsubscribe to my channel if you are newand I have a really exciting videocoming up on Saturday as well which isgoing to be let's just say cleaning withChristmas I hope you guys come back andwatch that one and I'll see you allagain very soonbye guys[Music][Applause][Music]

DECORATE WITH ME. Today I am decorating my house for Christmas and I love how it turned out. I hope this gives you lots of home interior Christmas inspiration.

If you haven’t seen already I also did a video on my Christmas tree also!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video!

Lots of love, E xx


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