so it probably doesn't come as asurprise that somebody that has come Zspends a lot of time in the bathroom thetrick is is to make that place I havesafe and as relaxing as possible and Ihave hay tips for youlet's go so the basics everybody knowsand that you do whether or not you haveCrohn's disease one is that you need tohave soft toilet paperI'd prefer sharpen you also want to havesome a nice aroma therapy in thebathroomI like the Bath and Body Works pluginsyou can also get Glade or whatever Ilike the back row Body Works plugins Itypically like the bathroom to be veryfresh and so I always purchase freshlinen or some like rain forest have itsentthere's also toilet accessories likehaving a padded toilet seat getting oneof those little squat things where youput your legs up and I've never triedone I don't know I know that there arebenefits to using those squat think isattached to your toilet seat I never usethem I'm a bit nervous too I feel like Iwould just fall in I don't know what Iwould do I'm also scared of the ob/gynand I always think about that whenever Isee it something that I always recommendis having a very soft rug because youobviously don't want to be sitting therefor a while but having that extra luxuryand rubbing your toes through somethingsoft always makes me feel betterother sester you that you should nothave in the bathroom is reading materialand let me explain why you really shouldnot be straining when you go to thebathroom and you should not be in therefor a long period of time you want to bea super pooper just get in and get outwhen you are releasing you do not wantyour back to inhale what your bodybelieves is to be toxins and so I thinkthat having reading materials is one wayto gather bacteria but also anunnecessary way for you to inhaleeverything that you are releasing within the bathroom so I recommend thatdo it I'm sure all of you guys know thatinformation but that is just the basicstuff that everybody should have nowgoing on to more of a medical sign withthe Crohn's disease you want to makesure you have proper medications and thefirst one is not even a medication butit is a cleansing what I know thissounds very I know this sounds veryweird and what I'm talking about thosepublicly but it's very important for youto take care of your ecosystem downthere especially if you are a woman youwant to make sure you have cleansingwipes as an easy-access after going tothe restroom especially if you are awoman you want to take care of theecosystem down there but then you alsowant to cleanse yourselfif you have a fissure or some kind oftear which moves on to the next topic ismake sure you speak to your doctor aboutmaybe having some topical creams foryour restroom if you have fissuresfairly frequently you want to make surethat you either have a lidocaine creamyou also want to make sure that you havethe proper fissure augments I think noone you'd have Crohn's disease you knowthere is this stereotype that you'realways going to the bathroom which isn'treally the case I go as any normal humanbeing does but there's also this ideathat you should just accept any painthat happens down there and that's nottrue a fissure should not be common youshould not be having them every singlemonth and so that's on the curves pleasespeak to your doctor saying you shouldhave epsom salts the bath is somethingthat I will recommend for every singlevideo because it really just relaxesyour body it really helps prevent andthese fissures and allows you to relaxwhich just makes everything betterespecially your experience in the baththe last tip I have that I think anyonecan take whether or not you are you knowa whether or not you have Crohn'sdisease whether or not you are raising athree-year-old and teaching you how togo to the bathroom I don't know when youpotty train kids I don't know are theyyounger than three but just in generaladvice is to have a safetyword for me my roommate that word wasflamingo and for several months I waslosing a lot of blood and I would haveto sit on the floor after I go to thebathroom because I was so dizzy I couldnot stand up and there were times whereI did not trust myself and I was verynervous that I might have to go to theemergency room because I was soasymptomatic my roommate and I came upwith the code word flamingo because thatisn't a word that we saved prettyfrequently the funniest thing I rememberwas when my roommate was cleaning in thekitchen and she was getting into all thenitty-gritty areas and we found a spiderand she screamed and we we took care ofit okay it was a team effort it'sterrifying and then five minutes laterI'm in the shower and I hear her screambloody murder flamingo and I just knewthat there was just another massivespider and I locked my door I just couldnot do it I had to leave her alone I'm ahorrible friend I know that having acode word sounds pretty ridiculous butwhether or not whatever age you arewhatever diagnosis you have there'ssomething very important to have thatyou know someday if anything were tohappen to me if I were to fall and hitmy head about to leave lose so muchblood that it feels safe of standing upon my own I would yell upcoming goingout hopefully any of my friends or myboyfriend would be able to know okaythat's that's a situation where I willallowed to barge in to her bathroom doorand take care of herI think the stereotype of Crohn'sdisease is that you just have massivediarrhea and frankly that's not reallythe case for me and I think the idea ofbeing ashamed of going to the bathroomwas pretty ridiculous I am more thanwilling to continue to talk about mybowel movements if you would like I knowthat this video is kind of weird andjust talking about all the gear bm's andthethrough but really when you have Crohn'sdisease you gotta be smart you have tobe strategic you gotta know the oneyou're in the danger zone you have allthe weapons you need and if you needbackupsay plumbing go

Hey there! My name is Melyssa and this is the first of many videos that I hope will create a safe, fun, educational and collaborating environment where those with autoimmune disease or invisible illnesses can come and hang out. It is important to remember that though a hidden illness is tough, we are never alone! So let’s talk about all of that embarrassing stuff TOGETHER

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