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[Music]hey guys and welcome to today's videotoday we are going to be cleaning myliving room it's um pretty messy andwe're gonna clean under the couch whichI know is gonna be bad so bear with meand come join for some motivation andcleaning your house[Music]and[Music][Music]and[Music]I suffer from migraines and they causelike these auras and my zigzag patternsin the corners of my eyes and as you cansee I'm not really feeling all thatgreatonce the aura goes away my fale of aclean but this is real lifeand from a migraine sufferer it reallydoes suck so I'm just gonna lay here andwait for it to pass hopefully it does Ijust took the title at all so I'm justgonna lay here for a little bit allright guys all right guys so I laid downfor about an hour I'm feeling a littlebit better but it's still definitelythereI haven't eaten anything today and it's12:30 so I'm going to try to eatsomething then I have to go get my sonfrom school and take him to the dentistyeah I'll see you guys in the car heyguys we just left the dentist he has nocavities and he got out of school earlyso that's exciting well the rest of theday is gonna be pretty boring so I'mgonna end the vlog here and me andXavier hope you guys have a wonderfuldayyou

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Today I ATTEMPTED to clean the living room but as a migraine sufferer that was put on the back burner for today.

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