Broken toe? How to bath shower or go swimming? Medical Ideas waterproof shoe review & unboxing

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Can you take a bath, shower or swim in a swimming pool with a broken toe, foot or ankle? Yes, you can! This is my unboxing and review of the “Medical Ideas Foot & Ankle Waterproof shoe”
Protection During Shower & Bath | Latex Free | Reusable.

In the video I clumsily show how to put the cover over your foot and even take a bath on camera to test it out. I’ve used this in a swimming pool, and it works (though a small amount of water went in because of the swooshing around and sheer pressure of the pool at standing depth).

At the moment I have to keep my toe straight, so being able to exercise gently and wash is really difficult – this shoe (they call it a cover) has helped massively.

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