Bathroom Remodel DIY Ideas for every Budget- Transform your ugly bathrooms

Budget bathroom remodel as a DIY er – is it possible? Absolutely! In this video, you’ll find cheap bathroom remodeling ideas for every budget- from $1000, $3000, and $5000. Don’t miss out on that home in a great location within your budget just because the bath is a nightmare! From paint, to small tile detailing jobs, “Shaw” indoor / outdoor carpeting to cover broken floor tiles, to “S” pipes for a taller shower head, Granite and marble “boneyard” finds and barnyard salvage wood for a pittance, you’ll find massive change to that dated bath without breaking your budget.

As a realtor in Nashville for 30 years, I help people envision what that home with great “Bones” can be with some vision and a little work. Love your home- love your bathroom- without breaking the bank!

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Susan is a full time, 36 year career Realtor in Nashville,Tennessee. and proud single mom of 2 children, Retired General Contractor, Hiking, horses, and all outdoor activities maniac, one of the few remaining Nashville natives…and inherited mom of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has stolen my heart.

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