Bathroom Ideas

hi this is Joe Glen Coco interior designwelcome to my hallway my guest bathroomthis is my favorite wallpaper Sandberg'sRafael blue represented by scale I'mAndres stark a wonderful room and shadewindow dream with a great detailSamuel Suns trim so you can see it onceagain on the shower curtain then thatlovely detail at the bottom really makesa difference in the mirror I've kind oftwo worlds of way sconces lots of greatmolding wonderful place to displaytowels and a punch bowl I inheritedalong with these great silver piecesfrom my husband's family and my familytrying to find a great way to use thoseisn't not only that I absolutely lovehere's this great seating area whichalways needing the bathroom with thewonderful count on the tail pillow andof course a place to display mysucculents from the Sun enjoy your day

Bathroom Design

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