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hey guys it's Mona and we are here withJulie ku so this whole video is all onmy apartment touryou guys have been asking for this for awhile and I haven't showed it because itwasn't finishedbasically I've lived here for over sixmonths almost eight months now andlittle things here and there I wanted tofix and my problem is I know what I likebut I just can't put the pieces togetherso I literally searched Instagram as howI found JulieI searched hashtags in Instagram socialmedia is amazing for that and I was likele interior designer so thank you forhash tagging because I do love that andthen I stalked you a little bit I waslike okay I like her style and Iliterally slip into her DM and here weare today it's a random tip I feel likea good quote here is closed mouth don'tget fed there are so many opportunitiesthat have come to me or things that havehappened because I've asked and I putmyself out there like brands I've wantedto work with I've asked them and likehey let me work with you because I thinkI can help or you know you would havenever maybe even found me I would neverfound you so you just have any peoplesay no move on to the next one or keeptrying I probably have tried a few timesyeah I usually don't take the firstreally tenacious in that same way yeahif you want it you go get it you knowyou want a brand new beautiful space youwant it done in less than a month that'salso what I love because I when I wantsomething done as soon as I make adecision I want it done now yesterdayactually and I everyone I was workingwith he's like okay they were goodtaking a week to get back to me and Ijust like didn't want to wait months andmonths for this project so just like alittle backtrack on my space I thinkyour space is so important to inspireyou to make you feel calm and serene Imean if you guys follow my content youknow that I've really been trying toincorporate meditation into my life andI need a space I can sit and feel calmin the morning something that'll make mefeel good so it'll make me like mykitchen space will it make me want toget up and like cook and make healthyfood so I needed something to inspire mebut I also have to think about mybusiness and what is my day-to-day jobI'm constantly filming content shootingcontent sharing my life with you guys soI can help inspire you to live healthierso I need the background to literallymatch my setting yeah like my I have anInstagram aesthetic I need my apartmentto match it so it will by exactto go really glam modern she it is allof those things I mean I look at you andimmediately I knew what I wanted to doyou did yeah I did you know and it's sofunny because originally I knew thecolor scheme I wanted and I was goingfor these like kind of softer moreserene spaces but then we went shoppingtogether and as we're shopping I wastelling her that I was getting a littlemore into the fashion space and that wassomething I really wanted to try out andit was more of a new venture for me andshe was a cool wait it sounds like youryour style is a little more high fashionthan so like soft and glam yes and youdecided that we should get artwork toinspire me and give me that energy sothat I can reach that place Yeah rightthat place become that girl they'regonna be become that really strongpowerful bowl of female mhm that is youknow really paving her way in thefashion world so a lot of timesinspiration can come from anywhere rightfor us it came from a simple piece ofartwork[Music][Applause][Music]oh this is your new little entry stationI really wanted a space for you to dropyour keys maybe sort your mail just landokay where you actually come into yourspace okay so cute little cozy we boughtyour art pieces up and that's you know Ilove those are bases it's what you seewhen you first come in and it's the lastthing you see when you leave so mobilityit motivates you and inspires you and itgets you going yeah it keeps yourkitchen functional in the island so thatyou can entertain your guests and a homeanytime I love that it's clear andacrylic so it doesn't take up too muchvisual space yes all of it okay so yourgame entry bookcase so serves as amakeshift bar honestly I like the brassmy guide wasn't sure how I'd feel aboutit but I I like it a lot I think it'smuch better than silver remember at thebeginning I was kind of pushing you intothe gold tone yeah Rask tones and youare a little bit you know reluctant alittle hesitant but as you can seemixing metals is the number one way towarm up the space try to mix Silver'swith goals bring in some bronze andcopper is even black metal I know wecould feel a little industrial but whenyou already have an industrial typespace it's really just gonna mix it alltogether and energize it to feel warmerand cozier a metal like brass whichtypically could be really warm a littlebit more traditional you style that withsomething that's really modern I'm goinghome or silver and immediately theyreally vibe off each other they reallydo so let's move into your new diningspace yes me oh my god these picturesare everything these are absolutelyperfectit's so cute yeah so not only you canbring this in for extra CDs at the sametime this becomes a usable functionalworkstation right thanks Ilonawhat do you think of your new livingtoday well first of all I cannot believehow much bigger it looks okay like Inever would have thought adding morewith making it look bigger my own that'slike a total design myth people thinkthat the more furniture you add intospace you'll just look smaller brytnystrategically placing your furniture inthe direction of the room will maximizethe square footage of totally not onlywhat we able to maximize the space butwe even dropped in to new little clubchairs here exactly I love that like thepillows changing the Bible say I feltlike before they were just like a littlecooling iron exactly another two starslook love this I have this issue wherelike if I am done with something I justthink I need to throw it out give itaway and it tends to cost me a lot ofmoney yeah and I'm not very good atsaving money in that way hmmso if you repurpose so many littlethings that I would have never thoughtlike the dresser yeah[Music]never in my wildest was like literallygonna give it away or sell it I was likeI can't use it what am I gonna use itfor I know the minute I came into thespace I'll say oh I already know what itwould have used this for oh this needsto come here yeah a lot of the timeswhen you keep seeing the same items overand over and over you're not inspired tocreate something new mm-hmm but when youwalk around your space and then all of asudden every single little item issomething that you personally pickedyourself and now they just have adifferent function all of a sudden youlove it again you know totally it reallydoes breathe life into old favorites andthat's kind of a cool tip too so ifyou're sick of something made me justmove into another room love it love itand I love the LA photo because I toldyou I like you know the artwork has tomean something to you and I love my citytonight like it's just a nut it's cuteyeah yeah it was perfect like that faceis right when I saw I was like oh mygosh the colors were like right ontargetlike totally[Music]oh my god love you know this is amazingoh it's so like glam and perfect andit's like the best background firstshooting content I have a guest bedroomthat's also gonna serve as my filmingroom to do skincare beauty I love thisdesk being here for two reasons numberone it's perfect film and number two youreally can't get better natural light inthis I'm I think I'm gonna actually sithere and do my makeup in here and I getso many products sent to me that Iactually have to try it like I neverrecommend things to you guys or to myaudience that I haven't tried testedlike do I like it myselfbut what I'm getting all these thingsand they're put away in boxes itactually gets overwhelming which soundslike a spoiled problem to happen oh yeahokay when you have thing you know youwant to actually have them in your spaceseason see them so the way you organizethat is so beautiful that's that I justdon't have that skill I know what I wantcan't put it together just a little tipthere too if you're having a hard timetaking your supplements if you aren'treally on your skin care game as muchdisplay it in a beautiful way I even saythat with like veggies I'm like cut upsome veggies put them in a mason jar andmake them look cute in your fridge andyou'll have the same skin care so justmake the space cute and you'll do itmore I feel like your space has to likeinspire you and when it looks like chicand clean and put together that's justthe energy you feel like that daywellness is that's a big part of it youhave to like your space and feel that inyour space real so you won't be asproductive like the happier and morecalm and serene you can feel in your carin your house like you just feel morecollected and the more productive you'llbe yep now that we've done phase want toknow this was a really busy day but I'malready ready for you to come back I'mnot done with you okay so phase two arewe gonna tackle your master bedroom Ithink we need to do the master bedroomokayyou know what I feel like my cortisolhas been really high at night so Idefinitely need that space to be calmand I feel like I'm gonna stop socialmedia at like 9:00 p.m. oh and then givemyself two hours before bed okay I'mgonna try to have that incorporate intomy health routine we're gonna do thebest your bedroom the closet in thebathrooms okay I love that Ohokay guys so we are back for Phase twohere with Julie I'm so excited this isthe phase I've been waiting for just tokind of really tie everything togetherso I thought maybe we could go throughand just explain what we did you do thisand you guys will see that the spacealthough it's the same footprint itlooks a lot different guys come all wedid was add a little bit more strategiccolor and glammed it up made it a littlebit more chic and edgy with all theseblack accents okay so why don't we startwith your bookcase okay so this a reallychic brass and white lacquer console isa from West Elm and I love that it'sjust a really clean classic shape whatwe did was a style it with a lot ofPeaks blush bowls to bring out some ofthose breath accents from whom so beforehere we had a lot of rose bold and Ifelt like I wanted it to feel a littlelike more sophisticated and chic so Ithink just this like small replacementalready gave that like a different vibehe loves itlove it I'd really like matte black soyou guys remember that we had theseacrylic bar stools and it's reallybeautiful and see-through and clear begreat for you to layer it with some fauxfur so first of all the way and that'swhat we did for the bar stools thatlittle touch is so cute and when she wastelling me about it I was like not sureI was into it and I didn't know if Ilike the see-through but now I love it'slike actually my favorite part of itright when you walk in well let's gothrough the little changes in the livingroom okay I'm just super excited aboutthe table I'll let you tell her I knowof what we did was we bought two reallyslim a sofa tables we flanked them sideby side and tuck them right- sectional mm-hmm so now not only doyou have a wall-to-wall surface but wehave the perfect spot to lay twobrand-new table lamps so then we did alittle more black on those on my whiteleather chairs yeah right we add astrategic black a little bit more fauxfur and then now the place just was glamchic and definitely a little bit edgierthan her and girly feminine before rightwhich inspires made it be a littleedgier guys exactlyI'm a nanny girly drink spring I thinkexactly I'll change it up for the seasonyeah so then we changed up a few thingson the side table - yeah looks reallynice I love candles the guest room wasoh man I like fought you I know and nailfor this guest room you guys rememberthat Mona had this huge pumpkin queenbed once we got rid of that huge bed wesubstituted it with a twin that sized abed with a pull-out trundle right notonly does it still serve as a guest roomyou can actually sleep two people inthere now and right or just one on theQueen and most importantly now you haveall this free space to shoot and film toyour heart's desire exactly now it'sjust kind of like I've got my bedroomthat I've got like my glam room mystudio Rambo yeah I get ready in there Ido my makeup in there it's got greatlight I'm honest it's kind of myfavorite room uh-huhyou know I know I know the other thingin the guest room we did was itorganized the closet that's I mean Ikeep saying that's my favorite but thatwas such a game-changer because thatcloset was such a hot mess it's cleanit's organized dysfunctional and theseasonal stuff put away you know storageand organization is really conducive toyou know living your best life evermm-hmm okay now let's talk about thebedroom so okay could we talk about theart first of all the arts amazing I walkin and there's like this beautifulartwork about the bed and it's likereally minimalistic and cool and chicand I was like I love it and Julie justsketched it herself so what is it likeI'm gonna tell youan invitation up but if you do figureout who it is drop a comment no loveit's a good idea below and then maybepeople assign you guys a little bit ofsomething but anyway they will get anoriginal truly art vandal a little getan original line drawing by myselfanyway the actual bedspread and like theaccent pillows what I love is it it'sjust like very soft and I'm very muchabout every room inspiring me like mylittle design room was like a littlemore fun and like glam and I want thatroom to be like serene and soft that'swhere I sleep and I want to just get agood wrestle sleep so I love that andthen in the closet is now my new littlebooty yeah she literally made my shoeslook like a shoe booty always a layerblack shoes on the bottom and thenwhites on top and then of course youknow all your fancy little glitteryshoes are right in the middle or you cansee it at eyeline it looks really goodso then I feel like the closets reallycool because it's like just somethingnice to step into and it will inspireyou to keep that space looking reallybeautifulI do love when things are tidy but I'mnot the tiniest when I'm changingliterally in like 15 minutes it canbecome a tornado you know as long asit's organized by color and by style youguys I mean there's no reason for you tokind of throw everything else right wejust thumb through it in a really goodyou know calm manner and when I trysomething on hang it back up don't justthrow it on the floor I also have areally good trick for that to you thisis which is why I love to put hooks allaround so instead of just throwing it onfor look just put it right back on thehook Oh before you actually put on thehanger okay I got a hook okay good ideaI feel like that completes everythingI'm so happy that we did this and I madethis investment and found you in thewhole process because I live in acompletely different space now I love itlike I love walking into it when I lookback at like old video like I'm in hereI'm like ooh looks like jail cellit's all about evolving alright you knowreally coming with and really coming toit with an idea of what you want how doyou want to aspire to live like who doyou want to be we did this what twomonths ago yeah we started and now it'slike I believe it's a completetransformation totally different everyroom inspires me different I feel likeit's just gonna make me more productiveand inspired in general I just if youguys want any design inspo or have anyquestions for julie leave it in thecomments but also reach out to herwhat's your Instagram yes my Instagramis actually underscore qu but of coursebecause I'm Mona who really inspired meto guys I am starting my brand newYouTube channel lately is it's gonna bea design makeover channel so of courseMona will pop it in as well and yeah Iwill see you guys on my channel as wellalright bye thanks guys if you like thisvideo please like comment and subscribelet me know if you want some more homevideos maybe we can collab with Ursalet us know in the comments and we'llsee you next time[Music]

My first ever apartment tour! I hope you guys enjoy. I WILL LINK DECOR/PRODUCTS TONIGHT 🖤

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