Abandoned Discount Furniture Connections Mebane NC ( I Got Inside)

hi guys right now we're at thisabandoned discount furniture collectionand this is in Mebane North Carolinathis is really close to where Hillsboroin Greensboro is look at thatum the Jimmy's favorite famous hot dogsign is in there and by the way there'sJimmy's famous hotdogs Bandhan holy crapsorry I'm just adjusting my pop socketdid I might know where this place movednot sure I might know slight advantagediscounts up to 70% offnot anymore but this also looks like itwas something else but we're just fryingaround Mebane looking for places to filmthere's the old discount sign butseriously there's probably gonna be abunch of stuff in here I forgot to goover here on this side but if you livein this area please tell all my god holycrap there's there's an opening there'san opening no way no way guys we justgot inside an abandoned discountfurniture store baby look at this holycrap no that door was wide openwide open ridiculousmattress sale going on now yeahseriously holy crap look how big thisJimmy's famous hot dog sign is oh shootthat's heavy I can't even beat that huhso I'm heading out of here so that's itfor this video guys so bye

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