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hello and welcome back to Robeson designI'm Rebecca Robeson here in San DiegoCalifornia and I'm taking you to my hometoday to show you the top 10 creativethings I've done in my own home[Music]many of you have seen my home over theyears especially during my walkthroughtours at Christmastime and you've seenthis home all dolled upbut what I've never showed you before isthe before pictures what it looked likewhen we bought it 15 years ago we werelooking for home and I knew when wefound this one it was perfect whybecause it had 600 feet of office spacein the front of the house and up untilthat time ropes and design was operatingout of my garage Wow a lot of stuffbefore I even began my 10 list of thingslet me just say the obvious we removedall the wallpaper the popcorn on theceilings we changed the textures on thewalls which was like a cottage cheesethat had been painted in a semi-glossreally nasty looking walls we readtextured all of that and we addedlighting throughout the house lightingas you know is one of my biggest thingsthat I love we have a design sessionjust on lighting and I do it here in myhouse and if you want to know more aboutthat go to my website and check out thedesign sessions so I guess the bestplace to start in this house is at theentry[Music]your entry is your first impression andthis entry drove me nuts it was a bigrectangle it was dark and it had thislow drop ceiling now I asked mycontractor can't we just start thevaulted ceiling that goes in this livingroom and bring it on down he said itwould cost a tremendous amount of moneyand all of my air conditioning heatingwould have to be rerouted way tooexpensive I was working on a very tightbudget so this is what I did and I thinkit's a pretty creative idea I broughtyour eye up instead of feeling like thiswall and this opening is dropping so lowby adding this transom of molding andcrown molding on top of it and paintingit this off-white color it's sure tojust make sure I feel like it's a higherceilingyou need to think about what's the firstthing you see when you walk in now inthis new home we bought it was this wallbehind me and you can see that theprevious owner had a curio cabinet on itwhile it was nice for them it wasn't aswell as I wanted my home to be so what Idid was I installed a 10-foot tallmirrorI had them arched the top of it and thenOscar came and added eight inch thickcasing all the way around it makes itlook so handsome and it's actually kindof an illusion you actually thinkthere's a room beyond there let me showyou right now I have a table in front ofthis but if I was to move this table andyou were to see this do you see how thefloor runs right into the mirror and youliterally feel like you could just walkright on into another room I wouldn'trecommend it because it can be painfulbut you couldso look at this clever little idea I wasable to add a little bit of naturallight to this rather dingy entryway andbring some architectural interest I haveloved collecting old vintage windows foryears this one I got at a garage sale inmy neighborhood so I asked my contractorto open up a hole in this wall and hedid and look how great it looks it'shanging from a couple of just cup hooksand some a little screws on top and itis really amazing it's again in thatnice dark rich stain it adds a lot andit kind of gives you a first impressionpeekaboo right on into the living room[Music]after years and years of designingabsolutely beautiful staircases for myclients I knew that's something I wantedto do in my home the staircase as it waswas very straight and it was very had apony wall that came up to about here itwas just very typical tract home inSouthern California I had lease createfor me I designed it but he created thisbeautiful custom iron railing for me Ihad my contractor come in and instead ofhaving the stairs come straight down andjust empty out I had him swoop it aroundlower that pony wall giving me morespace for this beautiful iron work andthen a beautiful custom sort offree-flowing design as it came downaround so watch this as I walk up anddown my stairs instead of coming downand just going straight there I'm ableto walk into my living room my entry andthe rest of my home[Music]this is really really strange I don'tknow if you've ever noticed this beforebut my wood floors downstairs are allthis very very light wood well when wedid the wood flooring upstairs Iactually did it in the dark espressovery unusual I've never seen anyone mixtheir woods before and it was a littlescary but I knew because I had all thisdark wood in my furniture I thoughtmaybe it could go and you know what itdoes it looks amazing my kitchen is notwhere I want it to be but thank God it'snot where it used to be oh my gosh whenwe first saw this house for the firsttime I was like that kitchen isseriously scary one of the things thathad in it was this bank of cabinetsright across here and what it did was itreally defined the kitchen as a veryseparate space and it was not a part ofthe other room I wanted to have thatflow through feel this is an idea thatyou can use in your home and I have doneit many times I then of course droppedin to pendant lights but the other thingwe did is take a look at what the thelighting and the ceiling was like inthis kitchen it did not do anything formy complexion or my appetite so we tookthat out and we put in canned lights andthen around the perimeter we kept theoriginal shape someday I'd like to redomy kitchen new countertops new cabinetsall that kind of stuff but for now justghost coating those oak cabinets to bethis dark espresso with the rest of myhouse it was a very inexpensive cheapfix and I think it made a nicedifference and one last thing that Inoticed and this is kind of a cleverthing I think you can tell me what youthinkso the cabinet that used to be here wentstraight across once that was gone takea look I felt like it looked I was gladthat this cabinet was gone but it lookeda little heavy on one side and nothingon this side so the way I sort ofcamouflage that issue as I took ashutter that I bought at Home Depot Istained it espresso and I just literallyleanup against there and to me that kind ofbalanced out the chocolate cabinets onthat side and a little somethingchocolate on this side so it's workedit's been 15 years I think we're due fora kitchen remodel what are you sayinghoney hmmhe said yes[Music]do you ever look at a wall in your houseand you see door after door after doorand it's kind of annoying well that'show I felt in what was the family roomfor the previous ownersin here there was a door that wentunderneath the staircase a door to thepowder room and a door to the laundryroom the way that I fixed it is reallyinexpensive and it's a great way to doit to kind of make a door go away[Music]so over here I actually took the dooroff to the laundry room and cased it allthe way around over here we use the samecasein and put a beautiful solid coredoor right here in the bathroom so nowno door door and that one I neededbecause it's under my staircase but youknow what I did let me show youwe actually textured it the same thingas the wallwe took the casement off of it and thedoor handle it just has a little buttonhere now do you know what this is thisis a touch latch right on into my verydirty closet but anyway the concept iscool you do see the little line aroundhere but it doesn't give you theimpression of yet another door now ifyou're gonna do this you really want tocarry off the illusion you'll notice onthe floor I put in my baseboards they goactually across the door so the doorthat opens has baseboard and you'regonna need to do this you actually haveto notch out at an angle from thisbaseboard to this baseboard because whenthis opens dad has to be able to opencompletely and not run into thebaseboard just little things you learnas you do this kind of crazy stufftake a look at the before picture ofthis wall this was a family room and thetelevision used to sit over hereyou know why the television didn't sitagainst the wall because of this thingthis Hurst that for some reason someBuilder thought would be a great idea tobring it all the way across well youknow what he did you just cut off Idon't know 1820 inches of the room wherenothing could go back against that wallI decided I was gonna make this mydining room and I wanted this to be agreat focal point wall so I bought twovintage chests of drawers to use thisbuffets and what I did was I wanted themto go back against the wall well how canyou do that with that's in the way I'lltell you how I cut the back legs off ofboth of these vintage pieces I mean andthey weren't that expensive and it was apretty smart and clever idea leave me acomment below and let me know if youthink that's cleverI do here's the other thing thisfireplace I mean would I have loved tohave done a paneled built-in and allthis kind of stuff yes I would I madethe best of what I had and that's thekey I want you guys to think outside thebox and think okay I can't change thisbut what can I do to work around itthat's what I did here this is a simpleplant on mantel that I got from PotteryBarn years ago but you don't get thatfeeling do you you know why having thewood on either side it sort of gives youthat impression of this grand fireplacetrust methis is no grand fireplace but it lookspretty good didn't itoh and just in case you want to know forthose of you who are concerned about thelegs on my buffets they're tapedunderneath to each buffet so if I evermoved and wanted to use these again allI have to do is draw drill pegs pegholes in them and reattach themeasy-peasyyou'll often find a linen cabinet in thehallway somewhere well in this homeupstairs at the top and you could stillsee it from downstairs was your typicallinen cabinet lower cabinets uppercabinets boring so eventually I designeda beautiful linen cabinet I call it myMartha Stewart cabinet because itreminds me of something she would do itbrings in all of my casements my crownmolding big base molding and it's inthis nice yummy kind of buttery creamcolor but with the glass doors what itdid was it made me accountable to keepmy linens clean and I made a big switchto all white in the master bedroom onthis far wall which this was a long roomI actually had some space so here's whatI did I added an entire wardrobe systemto this back wall and I completelycovered it in mirror now let me show youthese these doors right here this allIKEA this is my jewelry storage and I amgonna do a video just on jewelry and howI store my jewelry that's coming butevery one of these opens the doorsthemselves come this way you can getthem with mirrors on them but thedrawers not so much IKEA does not makethem that way so I had a mirror companycome and cover the mirrors and then Ihad them fill in the empty space thatthe IKEA wardrobe system didn't cover welove it it gave my husband a place toput his clothes because you know thatwalk-in closet over there big enough forboth of usso this answered our issue for where wegonna hang our clothes and it reallyadded a lot to this room[Music]hey have you guys heard the next designsession is on window treatments that'sright and you know what the one afterthat is on spring cleaning so I thoughtI'd get up here and kind of kill twobirds with one stone and you know whatnot a moment too soonhere's one more clever quick and cheapidea for you in a kitchen if you wishyou had an island but you don't have oneI actually put this one in it's just amovable little French I don't know I gotit from Ballard company for a couple ofhundred dollars but it's just the rightsize it gives me something in the middleof this kitchen gives me a place to putstuff to chop things if I was to everchop and to light some candles that'skind of nice don't you think[Music]I hope you've enjoyed kind of taking alook at my house from where it was towhere it is today getting the top 10things that I think are pretty cool andfun and a lot of them are obtainable atany budget what was your favorite andwhat do you think maybe you could use inyour home after all that's what this isall about just remember this has takenme 15 years and I still haven't arrivedbut I hope the one thing you take awayfrom all of this is it's a process it'sa journey and it's fun getting there Iwish you guys all the luck in the worldand your on decorating your own homeremember the design sessions that'swhere I teach you everything I know thekinds of things I showed you todaythat's a really good taste of the thingsthat you learn in the design sessionsall right you guys I look forward toseeing you guys next time thanks so muchfor joining me today if you haven'tsubscribed to this channel pleaseconsider doing so by the way on thatsubscribe button there should be a bellright next to it you should click onthat bell it will open up a box that youcan click on that says alert me everytime ropes and design uploads a newvideo that way you won't miss anythingokay you guys I love you see you don'tforget to give us the thumbs up

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