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003 Curb Appeal, Your Driveway, Your Living Room Part 2

this is a beautiful house let's go visitthis one and see if we want to stay ohit's raining time to get in that house Ithink I'll go on the porch oh what agreat porchisn't it nice I want to just sit hereand look down the street and enjoy anddiscuss things with my neighbors there'sonly one problem look down that streetstraight it's a straight shot right downall the way you're getting all thatenergy coming boom right up to youthere's no curves nothing meandering butright here where we sit it's goodbecause you know what they've donelook right here they put wonderful rocksas a barrier spiky plants a palm tree tostop that energy and to protect and nowsitting right here on this porch wouldbe comfortable that energy is subdued alittle bit and what a great place tohang out well let's go in notice we havea blue door we'll be talking about thatsoon come on Ian what do we haveOh what we have could be a little bit ofa problem energetic lis remember yourlife force comes in at your entrywayyour opportunities energies absorbed butwhat happens here the energy is splitwhat way do we go this is directly infront of the door so welike to do something to cure that totake the energy to make sure you know togo this way into the main house and sowhat I would recommend is a bigbeautiful plant right heresomething that would draw your attentionwe bring you in here rather than have asplit and you would just automaticallyfeel like going this way now what'sgreat is it's very then it's wonderfulhere you could see everything there's alot of room here at the entry you knowwe always want that open space which wehave going right into the home andanother thing is it opens into abeautiful entry room which could be alsoused as the dining room and it'sspacious and larger beautiful so it's agreat door great entryway we just wantto make sure that we cure that problemof that split energy because that'swhere the energy comes in your house isreally one of the most importantinfected by might say the most importantplace in your whole house your frontdoor and entrywaywelcome would you like to be in thisfamily room I would it's nice and cozyand welcoming then let's just see why wefeel that way well first of all thefurniture is arranged the couch and thetwo chairs in a way where people cancommunicate and talk to each othereasily as well as facing the fireplacewhich is a really great thing to do in afamily room as well as watch the TV soit's really a great energy you can dowhat you want and it really will be easywithout moving a lot of thingsoh I don't think that's really nice hereeven though the fireplace and the TVtable has corners those corners aren'tpointing to anything they're not hittinganyone as they sit here and no one'sgiving their energy cut in any way thelighting is terrific we've got lightcoming in from that sliding door we'vegot a LAN up here a pole left from theshutters we have light coming in andanother slider and of course we've gotthese lamps in the dimmer so at nightwhich is so important in a family roomit can go down sometimes we just don'tknow why the room feels so comfortableand so balanced and why we like it andit feels good but I want to just sharewith you one of those reasons is that mygovernments are in balance and just toshow you how easy that is if you lookright here which is kind of the focalpoint and one of the focal points ofwhen you're sitting here you have allfive elements you've got the fire forthe fireplace itself and then of courseyou've got the earth what about thebricks very much in balance by yourearth metal and the front we've got thewoods with the shutters and the blue isvery prevalent in all the pictures soyou see it just looks nice it feels niceand of course it's the same with therest of the roof there is fire as youcan see entering this home is a reallypleasant experience it's got themeandering winding flow of energy on theconcrete on the steps coming in look atthe beautiful welcoming flowers a littlestool and even the lights so at night itcan light your way but farther out tothe streets you can see how we havethose trees with the spikes and theprotective stems and that's what youwant to have so come on you and letflipped around let's see what theentrance looks likeOh a beautiful red door we talked aboutthose red doors felt so good in here andwhat do we have when we come into thehome exactly what we want lots of openspace for the energy of the light courtsto come into the home this is whereopportunities come in this is the energyis that welcoming or is it blocked we'vegot lots of space and it comes in and itflows and besides the beautiful familypicture at the door what's the nextthing we see a red and those wealthships is doubled by a mirror bringingabundance into the house why did theexactly where it should be flowing intothe house but what do we have here whenwe walk in even though it's notabsolutely direct we have a wall so theenergy stops where does it go well whatthey've done is to take these beautifulfamily pictures and direct the energyinto the family room the energy of thefamily pictures actually is welcomingbringing you into their family andtelling you this way a beautiful smalltable here shelf with plates but theplates are not directed at anyone noone's sitting or standing would be keptand by the way it smells so good when wewalked in here that's because they'remaking us dead lunchhowever if you go in a half and they'renot making you lunch you still want thatnice smell that smell this you'rewelcome I'm expecting you I wanna stickjust a quick note you see this garageextends out if you have something thatcomes out and is 1/3 or more of thewidth of the whole house you've got toput that in your Tic Tac Toe like everymonth when I send you that so right hereevery month she puts those collectionsin this area because it's part of hermap so when you do the Tic Tac Toe ontoyour floor plan how do you do itwell the ruling is you just make the TicTac Toe on your home but if you have apart of your house then extends by 1/3or more of the width of your whole houseyou've got to include that so the garagethen extended out is actually 1/3 oreven a little more of the rest of thewidth of the house so we won't start theTic Tac Toe here and exclude it we'vegot to include it so here we go 1 andwe're just gonna make that Tic Tac Toevery easy we don't have to make it ascience project do we I think I have tobring this line over a little bit thisis just how easy it is all right here weare now you can see what rooms are wherehere's our Tic Tac Toe can you see thosered lines and what we have here is thesouth what would that be that would bepart of their living room and thisbedroom here's the Southwest that'stheir master master bedroom here's theWest that was the teenage daughterhere's the boy he's in the center we'vegot the kitchen over here in the Eastthat garage is in the Northeast what'sin the north their yard the pathway andthe yard and over here in the North Westwhat do we have we actually have thewindow clear up here of the teenager'sbedroomso their yard is wherethose Corrections for the month and theyear are going to be placedcan we put something there of course wecan she puts a little stand with theirsix run wind chime if that's what'sneeded or sometimes they just need woodand the grass was adequate whatever isneeded you just put it outside in thoseareas sometimes maybe it'll be a patiothat'll be out here that's all right youmake the correction in that area but ifthe part that extends like this garageor maybe just a little thing comes upisn't at least one-third or more of thewidth of the whole house then you don'tinclude it you just make the tic-tac-toeon the rest of the house and rememberwhen we draw it we draw it with the selfon the top the north on the bottom eastand west but then you turn it or make ithowever you need because whatever Southis in your house where South in yourhouse that's where you need to put thecorrection for self what is south eastwhat is your East whenever I tell youfor the month or the year that you needto have in the East what room is in theeast that's where you want to put thecorrection that I tell you it's prettysimple just find out the directions ofyour house and when I tell you what itis put the right things there here weare in the family room and I just wantto make sure you see all the familythings that family would feel so at homeand comfortable herethe children have activities they haverelatives everything's here that energybrought in they play the music we've gotthe TV no sharp corners hitting anythe furniture is arranged so they stillcan socialize have fun play games dofamily activities and entertain guestshere we are still in the family room andjust look you can see the entryway youcan see the big space that it comes injust remember that's what you wantspacious entry now while we're here inthe family room I just want to makemention to show you how that fireelement is brought in the two redpillows remember you don't want to getoverabundant with that fire too muchfire energy can make you educatedirritated cause conflicts so you reallyjust want a touch of it and of coursesometimes when I send in the newsletterto you and it says no red in thatparticular areathen those pillows leave during thatmonth and there's still just a tad bitof fire energy because it's in the dressin the picture and also this family hasa family goal and that is to go on acruise ship on a trip to Italy and sowhat do they have in the abundance ayear they have a bank and everyonecontributes their coins that they haveevery night to the bank in their familygoal now when we enter the house what dowe have we have the pathway that energycomes in and when we come in right awaywe have a wall that energy has stoppedwhat do we do we want an energy to flowthrough the house so what did she do sheput these little boxes going like thisshowing the energy showing the pathwayto go into the family room and that'swhat you want to do now when you come inhere we have a wonderful family roomthere's something I would like to makemention of in here and that is this veryfiery wall this is a wall with firecolor you're bringing a lot of thatagitation and fire in we wouldn't wantthis on all the walls with me just onone and it's beautiful and it'sappropriate and according to her houseit's perfect and all the other walls arethe ivory colornow with that fire we wouldn't wantaccessories withfire anywhere else in the home we wantto keep it in balance but here it's justperfect

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