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😍 My dining room UPDATE + How to hang pictures & remove the price sticker cleanly

[Music]so y'all one thing I don't understand iswhy in the world do they put the pricestickers directly on the item it's soannoying but I have this really quickand easy way to remove the price tagwell I'm gonna share my little secretwith you guys today[Music]so as you can see there's still a littlebit of residue but don't worry we'regonna be using this glue guard to removeit you can pick up glue gun at theDollar Treeso wallah it's just like the sticker wasnever there and then I'm just using alittle bit of glass cleaner to make surethe picture is completely clean andstreak free so as an added bonus I'mjust going to show you guys how I hang apicture I'm not afraid to put holes inthe wall if you get lots of holes in awall it's okay like they have nailfiller you could just fill in the holesand then take some pain and fixate anecessity for when you're hangingpictures is a leveler I got this onefrom the Dollar Tree it just helps youso that you can make sure your picture Ithink cookie sometimes it's kind of hardto look at things and tale so just withthe leveler on top and make sure thelittle water bubble is in the middle[Music][Music]so sometimes a single woman has to dowhat a single woman has to do and thisis the final look I am now really reallyhappy with my dining safe some of youguys asked from the last video when Isaid I'm not complete yet what I knowwhat else I wanted to do and I wanted toget some more permanent pictures or overthe dining room space and do some cutetabletop accessories and I'm now happywith the look if you enjoyed this videogive this video a thumbs up pleasesubscribe to my channel if you haven'talready and as always thanks forwatching bye

Also in this video I show a quick way to remove the price sticker from the glass of the pictures πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Goo gone, leveler, and black spatula tool purchased from the dollar tree! The nails are from Home Depot not sure which kind as I threw package away. There is also an app for a leverage that is free!!!

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